PT – (Crystal Matrix)

Rute Reis started playing in 2009 at small reunions of friends but the love for psychedelic music had been growing in her heart long before that. Following the work of her favourite artists for many years, and not being afraid of getting to know the work of new ones, helped her develop a wide taste in multiple styles of Trance Music.
In 2010 Double Dose was born, Rute Reis playing alongside with Bruno Fonseca (Dazzle Beat). They helped spread the Full-On Morning vibe in Portugal at a time that Full-On Night and Dark PsyTrance was dominating the line-ups of every party.
The first party playing as Tinker was in April 2012 and fast she was accepted in the morning vibe, sharing the stage with all artists of the moment, mostly her biggest references, Bizzare Contact, Vibe Tribe, Spade, Ananda Shake, Azax Syndrom, Astrix…
In the last 3 years, Tinker has grown so much she had the opportunity in 2015 to play in Goa, and the biggest moment in Freedom Festival 2015, making all her wishes come true.
Keep you all posted for news about Tinker! Let’s see what future provides ♥ ♥

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