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Heavenoise - The suprise factor is key in her sets..

HEAVENOISE is the Djane Helena Pereira, born in 1991 (Lisbon, Portugal). Since very young she always loved music, her whole youth was surrounded by cd’s and tapes from family elder generations and most of her fun was exploring and dancing, unconsciouslly feeling and understanding music.
She is a girl that belief the music is the most beautiful and clear way to express and show emotions in its pure and true state and give psychedelic education through it.

Was in 2007 she had her first contact with psychedelic parties and one second was enough for falling in love with such magical world; mostly for the friends and the atmosphere, for the culture itself and after infinite hours of dancing and mind expansion, she realised that musically, this still wasnt enough, an intense desire of discovering more has born once again. So in 2011, in a multi cultural free festival, she met Hardtek and was a curiosity process that made her start to get interested in this genre of music; the fast hardbeats, the hidden messages, the rush of dancing, all seemed difficult to understand but once she tuned to this frequencies, everything started to connect.

In this moment the wish of spreading her message through music has started: she started mixing Hardtek tunes and after around 6 months, she had her first invitation to play in a hardtek festival. But at some point, she understood that this scene wouldnt fit for her, due to many reasons, she saw her dream falling apart.

Later on a trip with some friends to the festival Old School Gathering, chemistry happened. It’s a Goa Trance festival focused on reviving the roots of this culture, in a secret location on the Portuguese mountains, full of happy people and with a atmosphere totally unique and pure – and so, she had a vision, a mission: to focus her message in reminding the roots of this wonderfull culture.
With more and more time practicing, also more opportunities and parties were coming and that’s when in April of 2013, she got invited by Amnesia Prod to play in a big outdoor party. In June 2013, she won the a ‘New Talent Contest’ promoted by Freedom Festival, one of the best and biggest festivals of psychedelic music in Portugal; and since she had such a successful performance in this same festival, the organizing label Crystal Matrix hosted her as one of the label artists.

In December of 2013, she debuts on joining forces with Dj Audiact, musician and Dj with more then 10 years of experience. Was in a party in Lisbon and togheter they focused on elevating dynamics between Goa and Forest genres.
And once again, she fell in love with different energies; under influence of Mimic Vat and Gotalien (Gotavat), she saw a new world in front of her, the mix of her past love for hardbeats with the psychedelic component that always belonged to her. So she decided to create a new project, by the name of IRISIGNAL and actually, she always keep the past and the future as her choices.

In 2014, she played in Austria and in most of the best and biggest parties in Portugal like Luminopolis, Magic Frequency, Hi-Tech Full Moon, Psybertech, Crystal Matrix 11º Birthday, Trance Odyssey and many more.
At this moment, she keeps her record in Goa Forest and feeds the future with Hi-Tech music making a musical fusion of futuristic waves, allucinating rhytms and explosions of creativity. The suprise factor is key in her sets.

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